Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

NCLEX Registrations Payment Policy Changes On Jan 2014

Some people said pearson vue nclex trick doesn’t work. I found that may be the reason of. On NCLEX official site, there is statement: “Beginning January 1, 2014, certified checks, cashiers checks and money orders will... 

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Universities Biostatistics in USA

I collect all Biostatistics in every university of US. I do think so that is all. Please add more if you know more than that. Thanks in advance. University Departments of Biostatistics Arizona State University – Measurement,... 

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Recommendation Letter From A Doctor

After I done all requirements: BSN, GPA 3.5, GRE1000, ICU, CCRN, ACLS, PALS, CPR. Finally I encounter a big problem, recommendation letter. Our director is not friendly, she does not like turnover rate too high. I dont think can... 

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Three Things Help Me For Nursing Study

I was reading a book, so tired. I have to go through the whole book since the RN examination is not easy. The test will reach every corner, and very detailed. Pathology, Health Assessment and Medicine took me too much time to... 

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75 Questions On nclex Did I Pass

I failed in RN exam no idea why stop at 75 questions. The story was: I only prepared MOSBY practice test and read textbook once then took the test. It came out too many medicine questions when I finished 75 questions the computer... 

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RN Failed Real Experience Help You

Case one: I failed once in RN exam, but finally I passed the test and gain lot of experience. I would like to share those as tips to you guys. The time I failed the RN exam was weird. I did 75 questions an then shut down there,... 

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my.hrw web codes nursing textbook

my.hrw does some great textbooks which you may input a web codes to get full version of textbook. What is web codes? basically, that is “These codes, printed right in the Student Edition, allow students to go directly to... 

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