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Nurse Aide Practice Test One 70 Questions

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Normally, nurse aide test one does multiple choice and has 50 – 70 questions. It covers 11 subjects, including emergencies, observation, CNA roles, personal care skills and caring for all ages, accompany with reporting and abbreviations, safety and managing behavior, infection control and blood-borne pathogens, and legal and ethical issues. List here for practice purpose […]

Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam Reading Math Writing Science

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Kaplan Test Info:Reading Comprehension: Kaplan study guide was good practice for this. There were long passages to read with 3-5 questions per passage. Math: SUPER easy. All fractions (add, subtract, multiply, divide), percentage conversions, percentage calculations, and a couple of nursing dosage calculations (given this much medicine at this rate of flow, how many minutes […]

Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions

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I took the Kaplan for Baker-Flint and got an 82%, I am a 4.0 student btw. The highest I heard of anyone getting was an 89%. Most people seemed to get 60-75. The test is pretty darn hard. Study the kaplan book, I know it helped me but remember that everyone is having a hard […]

Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery – Diagnosis and Management 6

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Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery – Diagnosis and Management By the Staff of the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne EDITED BY John M Hutson AO, BS, MD (Monash), MD, DSc (Melb), FRACS, FAAP (Hon) Chair of Paediatric Surgery, Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne General Surgeon and Urologist, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Michael O’Brien MB, BCh, BAO, […]

Online Listening Heart Sounds 3M Littmann Stethoscopes

Totally there are 63 different sound of heart to help you familiar with that. Listen carefully to practice your ears recognition ability. Tracklist: 01 – Cardiac Auscultation Pre-Test (Heart Sound Identification Portion).mp3 02 – Introduction.mp3 03 – Normal First and Second Heart Sounds (Example).mp3 04 – Production and Components of the First Sound.mp3 05 – […]

NCLEX Exam Questions How To Prevent This Point-Stealing Trap

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There are unique that can create you disappointed with your NCLEX-PN analyze. One of these is the very challenging concerns. These are way more challenging than your NCLEX evaluation concerns. To worsen, you need to solution them in moments or less! Now add the demand of having to consider all the elements you’ve acquired in […]

Health Care Career Useful Resource Informaion

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IF YOU ARE just getting started on your new health care career—or if you are considering how you can go about finding a job the alternatives defined in this aspect can provide you useful historical past. Engaged here are information of professional organizations, internet internet directories, place remedies, and homecare organizations. Determines several medical care […]

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