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Comfort Keepers Just Not Comfortable Sometimes

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I have been viewing a buddy for 16 days… in that period, Comfort Owners has pelaced his associate 3 times. My buddy is 43, disabled and needs daily proper take proper ordinary family taks. One of my buddy’s greatest issues is alcohol addiction, and the last “care giver” not only purchased and offered liquor to my buddy, but also absorbed liquor “on-site” that was not his own (Theft) and also forced to and from my buddy’s house under the impact. This same rep requested to take a loan from me for a personal issue, and on the 4th of This summer got drawn over for DWP and DUI, making his spouse and two teenager children trapped at my buddy’s house, after eating 50 percent the food in the property (for the family)… Had this been an separated event, I’s chalk it up to a bad acting professional, and challenging conditions, but the rep BEFORE this guy forced back to her house during her “care hours” to bring my buddy alcohol, which she distributed, and then when the social employee came, she went to a local bar, only to come back to close out her move, 50 percent in the bag.

DO NOT ENLIST THE HELP OF Comfort Keepers to help proper take proper a loved-one.

I am a CNA that proved helpful for this company and in the many, many years I have proved helpful in medical care, I have found this particular workplace to have been my most severe company ever. They sent an inexperienced employee to stay with a customer that required total care; “caregiver” left the consumer in a bed full of dry diarrhoea. This was not an separated incident; many customers had problems about interaction with workplace team, care providers not displaying up, several care providers being planned simultaneously, and inexperienced employees that actually informed close relatives that they had predicted them to proper take proper the individual (then why were they paying an organization to offer staff?). It is regrettable that the owner likes you more about her holidays to South america than looking after for the customers who pay her mortgage. Shop around before recognizing a position with this series workplace or choosing them to offer proper want to a beloved. I suggest only using an organization that employs certified care providers instead of just people off the road willing to work for low income. I was burnt off but discovered a lot.