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Three Nutrition Food Help Gout Patients

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Limiting total calories under distribution of three major nutrients are: high carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low in fat. ① carbohydrates: rice, including vegetables and fruits, 55%~60% per cent of total energy. This is in keeping with people’s eating habits, so, you can reduce fat produced from the decomposition of ketone bodies, conducive to the excretion of uric acid salts. But try to eat less sugar or sugar beets. ② proteins: protein 11%~15% per cent of total energy, usually as 0.8~1.0g/kg body weight per day. ③ FAT: the remaining part of the total calories, fat added, usually a 40~50g/day. Due to lipid oxidation generates heat, approximately twice the carbohydrate or protein, in order to reduce patients ‘ body weight, should certainly limit.

Gout patients should eat less chicken:

Chicken is a compound seasoning, its basic ingredients are 40% msg, add fresh agents, salt, sugar, spices, chicken, chicken powder flavor raw material processing by, contains a variety of amino acids. Essence of chicken with both chicken flavor and its flavor, achieved increased fresh flavor combo; 1.5-freshness is MSG twice, as well as higher health food nutrition.

Chicken bouillon is nonpoisonous and harmless to the human body, therefore during cooking, use more relaxed many of monosodium glutamate. However, not all dishes are suitable for chicken, beef stew, pork ribs, itself has the flavor of food, joining chicken food weaken, affecting the meal. You can use ordinary monosodium glutamate, beef extract medicine teaches | fertility collection, mushroom extract, and other seasonings instead. Also one thing to note is that chicken fine with nucleotides, its metabolism is uric acid, so Cook the best little chicken bouillon in patients with gout.

How can gout be prevented?
Holiday pleasure of eating sparingly, especially not to eat too much of purine-containing foods such as aquatic products, often the satiation cues of fish and delicious in the past following ankle and knee pain, to hospitals check blood uric acid levels significantly increased, gout was diagnosed infestation. Gout is a systemic chronic metabolic diseases, due to abnormal metabolism of purine in the body–purine metabolites in the blood due to increased uric acid content. Gout once occurred on cannot cure, so to attention, prevention best of approach is regularly check hematuria acid concentration (each 3 months a), once found hematuria acid over normal is taking drop uric acid drug, as long as control has high uric acid blood syndrome gout on does not occurred, treatment gout of overall principles is: 1) reasonable control diet; 2) intake adequate of water; 3) life to has law; 4) appropriate participate in sports activities; 5) take effective of drug treatment; 6) regularly for health medical.