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Three Things Help Me For Nursing Study

December 11, 2013 by  
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I was reading a book, so tired. I have to go through the whole book since the RN examination is not easy. The test will reach every corner, and very detailed. Pathology, Health Assessment and Medicine took me too much time to read. But I felt that understanding is really take time.

Right now , I insist to work in hospital in order to keep networking and gain more clinical experience. So far I have one more year NA/CNA work experience. For me, I like Diagnosis,Pharmacy and Physiology. What I really hate is Foundation. Honestly, CNA working experience does not help me lot. Our hospital is teaching orientated, so I can access more documents which is really good for my nursing study. When I am doing night shift, unusually take look some charts.

GPA was really hurt me. I could not get A no matter how hard I study for it. Finally I gave up. So what! No A is ok at least I collect more working experience. My friends always encourage me clinical working experience is more important than GPA. I doubt that people say keeping work and studying at same time seemed good to find a job. Nothing connected only depends on how luck you are.