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7 Strategies You Can Use for Answering Your CNA Exam

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Not many people realize it but taking a test is a skill that can be learned. The good news is that there are a few test-taking strategies you can use for your CNA examination. More or less, these strategies will help you apply your knowledge and pass the nursing assistant exam. Note that this does not replace actual knowledge gained from reviewing.

Take it slow, but not too slow.
It is true that the examination is under time limit but that does not mean that you should rush through it. This is a common mistake that test-takers often commit. You need to take it slow and be sure that you understand the question. At the same time, do not lose track of time. Skip the questions you cannot answer and come back for them later.

Rephrase the question in your words.
Sometimes a question is difficult to understand as it is written in the exam. In this case, you want to rephrase the question in your own words. This helps you get to the bottom of things and understand what the question is asking for. Once you have, you can look the best option that answers the question.

Look for the umbrella term.
Similar to a CNA practice test, the actual exam may contain questions that seem to have two correct answers. In this case, look for the option that represents the broader choice. For instance, the question asks which one to check for measuring a patient’s status. You would not choose pulse, temperature or blood pressure but instead choose vital signs which are broader.

Tune in to key terms.
Beyond reading the question, you need to understand what it is asking for. To do this, you should look for keywords such as always, al, never, only, every and except. You should realize that there are very few absolutes when it comes to being a certified nursing assistant. If an option includes those keywords, you are better off choosing another one.

Notice opposite options.
The CNA Nursing Exam contains a few questions that are meant to deceive test takers. More often than not, questions with opposing options are included in the exam. When this happens, take note of these options because one of them might be the correct answer.

Safety goes first.
Questions that deal with a patient’s safety are not that difficult to answer. If a test question asks for a quick response or deciding what needs to be done first, safety is the obvious answer. Look for keywords or phrases that would indicate a priority action within the question such as “The first thing to do…” or “The most important step…” or “Which of the following is the best response…” among others.

Make a guess.
When all else fails, the last thing you can do is to make a guess. It is not the best option but the CNA state board does not punish for guessing on an exam. This way you will have one in four chances of getting the correct answer.

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