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7 Tips to Pass the Clinical Skills Test of Your CNA Examination

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Passing the clinical skills test (CST) of your CNA nursing exam is very important. To do this, you need a score of at least 70% and demonstrate that you are able to follow each step with 100% accuracy. These are hefty numbers to live up to. Lucky for you, there are a few things that can help you ace your exam.

Practice makes perfect.

Keep in mind that the CST is designed to test how well you understand the practical aspects of a nursing assistant’s job. As such, you will be tested on how well you can follow procedures. Unlike the written part, the kind of review needed here is a little bit trickier. The best way to pass your exam is to practice everything covered in the exam.

Get a partner.
As you may have already noticed, the CST requires that you demonstrate skills. To make your review easier it is a good idea to have a partner to help you practice. Find someone who is taking the exam as well. If not, you will have to find a willing partner instead. Either way do not forget to thank them.

Stick to the rules.

The CST is all about procedures for each skill. Each skill already has its own steps to follow so there is no need to make up your own. In fact, deviating from these prescribed procedures is a big no-no if you want to get a passing score. This is definitely not the time to make up steps of your own or take shortcuts.

Keep yourself together.

It can be nerve-racking once you are taking the actual CST of the nursing assistant exam. These are understandable but try to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. Take the exam with confidence and perform the tasks required with efficiency. Do not be in such a hurry that you might miss a few steps. However, do not take too much time since you are under a time limit.

Safety goes first.
With so many skills to remember each with its own set of procedures to follow, it can be quite easy to forget a few things. You may notice that a lot of these procedures such as handling of soiled materials and hand washing promote safety. In such cases, you need to demonstrate to the evaluator that you can do these efficiently.

Show you are competent.
You should know by the now that the CST is designed to test your level of competency. To pass the exam, you need to show your evaluator that you are capable of performing all tasks required without the need for help. Remember that he is there to test you. The most help he will give is to remind you of the time limit.

Stay positive.
Never underestimate the power of positive imagery. Keep things positive in your head and you should do just fine. To help you pass your CNA state exam, try to imagine that a few days after you are getting the good news. This should prove to be a fruitful exercise that encourages success.