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An Important Utah CNA Exam Coverage: General SOP in Most Health Care Facilities

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Planning to be have a Utah CNA license and work there as Nursing aide or assistant? Good for you, then. However, the Bureau of Labor is expecting a huge increase in the demand for this profession so your future is pretty bright if you take the Utah CNA exam soon.

There are more than a dozen testing sites all over Utah. However, you need to schedule with UNAR (Utah Nursing Assistant Registry). They will be the ones to assess if you can take the UT CNA test based on your completion of the Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP).

One of the things that you have to take note of when reviewing for the CNA exam UT is the Standard Operating Procedures or SOP in various hospitals, hospices and other health care facilities. True, each may follow a specific set of guidelines which is very different from another but all of them will adhere to the protocols set by the Utah Board of Nursing.

If you want to ace your CNA state exam test, you need to be very knowledgeable about this aspect of your learning. Take note, this is very basic but that does not mean that you can just skip your review on this one. Go over it because you will find really tricky questions in the CNA exam Utah when it comes to easy topics. Here is a sample question:

Mr. Jeffries who has been in the facility for three months is asking you for pain medication. The nurse on duty is taking care of someone else. What do you think is the most appropriate action of a nursing assistant?

a) Inform the nurse about the patient’s request when he or she is not busy.
b) Get a pain pill on the nurse’s station and give it to the patient.
c) Report the request for pain medication to the nurse immediately.
d) Tell the resident to wait and call only until the pain is worse.

The right answer here is C. That is the standard operating procedure based on the Nursing code. Choices A and D are neglecting the fact that your patient is feeling something really bad and B is not part of the responsibilities of a Nursing aide.

Under the umbrella of the general SOP are the various responsibilities of a Nursing aide. Remember, you will find questions regarding this in the UT CNA. Often, the question will ask you to choose which of the four choices your responsibility is. However, you will also find questions which may ask about your limitations also as a Nursing Assistant. Of course, Ethics, your patient’s rights and the legalities covered are also under the SOP discussion.

Then there is the promotion of health and safety of your patient. Quite a huge percentage of the CNA exam Utah covers this part of the course. This includes the various communicable diseases and your task in preventing its spread in the facility.

There are definitely more things that the CNA state exam test covers. It could help if you have practiced your skills in a certain facility before the exam – at least you can envision things while you are answering. You can also pass the return demonstration part of the test. However, do not base everything on their protocols alone. Try to go more general in this aspect.