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Ascertain Passing Marks in the North Carolina CNA Exam: Learn Isolation Procedures

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If you are planning to be an NC CNA, all you need to do is download the PDF documents online, fill it up and then pass it to the North Carolina Board of Nursing or the Nursing Aide Registry in the area. Once that they have provided the testing site information to you, you can start reviewing so that you will get the North Carolina CNA license for work.

One of the most important parts of the CNA exam North Carolina and possibly your biggest responsibility in the work place is infection control. You would not be able to give appropriate and optimum care to your patients if you are the one spreading it. Here are some of the protocols that you need to take note of.

First of all, learn about the right way of hand washing. More often than not, questions about this are given in the North Carolina CNA exam. Although there is a standard way being taught by the department of health, you should adhere to the standard operating procedures of your facility.

Sick clients must have their own supplies and equipment. Cross contamination is one of the things that you must prevent. The family of the residents should also be informed of this so that they would not be the carrier of infection.

You must also be careful with blood and body fluids (tears, urine, saliva, semen, sputum or fluid drawn from body cavities). Some fluids, like sputum, have airborne contaminants and can disperse in the region fast.

Isolation procedures Isolation procedures must be followed as per CDC guidelines. Bear these in mind because some of these will definitely be in the CNA exam NC.

After basic hand washing, you can put on the gown (usually has an opening at the back) and then tie the neck ties. Then you have to don on a mask securely. Some facilities do not use goggle unless the condition requires it. Now wear the gloves, making sure that the edges of your gown are covered. You need to do this as an NC CNA.

Isolation Procedures

Isolation Procedures

Removing these should also follow CDC protocol. The gloves must be turned them inside out and thrown into the Biohazardous waste bin. Touch only the elastic bands when removing your goggles and mask and throw these into the same receptacle. Slowly ease one hand inside the gown’s cuff making sure that you do not touch the outside of the gown. Pull the other sleeve, also being careful not to come in contact with the external part as well. Now, fold the gown – the contaminated side should be inside. Like the gloves, goggles and face mask, the gown must be thrown into the Biohazardous bin as well. Finally, you need to wash your hands and dry them really well.

Here is a sample question that you may see on the state exam for CNA.

Hand washing is a very important responsibility of a nursing assistant. Which among the following is part of this procedure?

A, Wiping your soiled hands on a towel as soon as you finish a certain procedure
B, Rubbing the soap on both hands before turning on the water
C, Applying friction for 15–20 seconds
D, Drying your hands thoroughly with a discarded towel

The answer here is no other than C – making sure that you rub your hands thoroughly for 15-20 seconds. You will see more, naturally, in your CNA state exam test, and all it takes is a bit of common sense on your part.

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