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Challenge The CNA Exam

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I finished my first semester of an RN program and I just got the letter allowing me to challenge the CNA exam in California. Has anyone on here taken it? I know I should be familiar with anything they throw at me but I want to make sure I pass the first time. I’m not too worried about the written but I’m curious how the skills part works.

The CNA license exam has two parts, knowledge and skills. The knowledge base required for the CNA license is not that great so the test focuses on being annoyingly specific about ranges for vital signs, intake and output, etc. It is also ridiculously emphatic about performing skills in an exact, textbook manner (sheets must be folded under the patient in a particular manner when changing linens with the patient in bed, opening of pillow case must face away from door, etc.). My advice, know how to perform all the basic skills in textbook fashion. Again, it’s not hard just annoyingly specific.