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CNA Exam Day: From Checking In to Security and Cheating

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Instead of asking questions like “Is the CNA test hard”, you should be asking “What do I need to do?” Well, answer the questions correctly, obviously. More than that, you need to concern yourself with what actions to take – and to avoid – on the day of your CNA exam. Remember that these examinations are conducted in a strict manner, like any nursing examination test or other professional licensure examination. A violation of the rules and regulations can mean the test is stopped for you and you are escorted out of the CNA examination venue.

First, you need to remember to bring the right equipment. You will need two valid forms of “proper” identification – meaning it has a unique identifying code and a photograph of you. Next, you will need 3 pencils of the No. 2 type, sharpened and ready. You will also need to bring an eraser. Finally, you will need a watch that has a second hand.

When checking in, be sure to follow the instructions included in your examinee handbook. For one thing, you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination. Make sure you bring the required materials, or you will be barred entry and a refund will not be granted.

While the CNA exam locations are secured against the entry of non-registered persons, there is not secure area to leave your belongings, so be sure to go there with as little extra baggage as possible. At the very least, you can worry less about losing something valuable and pay more attention to the exam.

The CNA exam is monitored by a team of proctors. They will be on the lookout for cheaters as well as those who provide help to others. Being caught cheating or giving help to others is punishable by a cancellation of the perpetrator’s exam, plus an ejection out of the venue. Worse, this behavior will be reported to the local unit for health service regulation. That means that the next time you try to take an exam, they will have their eye on you, if they allow you to retake at all.

Electronic devices of all sorts are downright out, so turn off your communications and entertainment devices – especially your cellphones. Not just silent mode, but actually powered down.

Many CNA examination venues allow “dry runs”, where you are directed throughout the procedures to be followed on exam day. From checking in, finding your seat, answering questions (a few non-graded ones), submitting your answers, and exiting, you will get guidance. This way, you can get some first-hand experience and experience less worry on the actual day of the examination. Ask your local exam center if they will allow you to take a dry run.

Of course, the hardest part might just be waiting for your CNA exam results. However, if you prepare yourself well and conduct yourself properly on the day of the CNA exam, this should not worry you much. Just study hard, stay calm, and focus on the examination.

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