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CNA Exam Grievances: How To Contest The Results of Your Exam

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One of the most common questions that you hear with regards to the CNA exam is: “Is the CNA test hard?” Considering that America has some of the strictest requirements for health care work, it is no surprise that the CNA examination is so stringent, like the nursing examination test. Of course, difficulty is a subjective thing. What aren’t subjective are the CNA exam results that you get.

If it comes out as a passing grade, well and good! But what happens when you get a failed score? Well, you’ll probably be crestfallen for the first few moments. However if you felt that you should have passed the CNA examination then you can take action and contest the results.

The appeals process is not particularly complicated on your end. It mainly consists of writing an appeal letter containing the following information:

  • Name
  • Social Security number (for confirming identification)
  • Exam title
  • Date of test
  • Reasons and details of your appeal
  • Relevant facts
  • Return Address
  • Signature

Since the original signature is required, this appeal cannot be made via fax machines. After you write your letter, mail it to ’s offices in St. Paul Minnesota. All appeals are sent there, even if there are CNA exam locations all over the United States. Label the envelope as such:

  • ATTN: Appeal Committee
    1260 Energy Lane
    St. Paul, MN 55108

It takes a bit of time for the letter to make it to the offices, and even more time for the Appeals committee to come around to your appeal and review it. They will then review your exam results and answers, and come to a decision. You should receive a written response via mail within 20 business days.

There may be a number of reasons for a failed exam when you should have passed. On the other hand, some of those reasons are not acceptable in the eyes of the Appeals Committee. Acceptable reasons are, for example, some problem with the machines used to check the multiple-choice written examination.

One reason for failure that may be more difficult to investigate is the supposed bias of a clinical skills examiner. The clinical skills test is conducted in an isolated environment, such as a small room, with only the examiner, examinee, and another person playing the role of the patient. Since the examiner is human, there is a chance that he or she may be influenced by some sort of bias against the examinee, though their professional nature should prevent them from allowing it to affect their scoring decisions. However, if you feel that this is the reason that you got a low score for the practical test, then you may try appealing it.

If you feel that the results of your CNA Examination are much lower than what you expected (not what you wanted) then, you should appeal. is open to such appeals, since they wish to provide a testing system that is fair for everyone. Besides, the examination is by no means particularly cheap, and having to take it again will be a pain.

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