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CNA Exam Locations: How to Find The Registry Near You

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The CNA exam is intended to filter out those unworthy of becoming nurse aides or nursing assistants from those who are worthy. Just like with the nursing examination test, the underlying concern is to ensure a certain level of quality of service in health care. Whereas doctors may direct your medical course, it is the nurses and nurse aides that execute many daily duties and take care of your normal needs.

Finding a CNA examination center near you is directly done by visiting the webpage of the regulatory board in your state. You can start online and search for your state’s CNA page, and look for information there. Some do not maintain a list of all CNA exam locations on their website, so you may need to do some digging.

The registry for the CNA exam on the other hand is easier to find. Simply look up CNA and your state online. If there is not registry in your state (or if you plan to get certification in a different state) search for registries in the neighboring (or target) states. You can write letters to a registry if you want to ask specific information such as the actual locations of exam sites that are available for you.


Note that in most cases the address of the registry is not the same as the test center’s location. Registries generally handle a handful of test centers in order to facilitate the organization and quality control of these test centers.

Many of these registries prefer online applications as it makes managing data and confirming payments easier. Note that the registries you go to for applying for an exam are not responsible for refunds, and reimbursements. These latter concerns are to be directed to the operations center in St. Paul Minnesota. More info on this can be found online.

Now that you know where to take your CNA exam you can spend more time finding solutions to your problems. Question: “Is the CNA exam hard?” Answer: “Only if you are not prepared.” The best way to ensure a success in any exam is to prepare yourself for it, not just from the academic or mental perspective, but also from the psychological perspective. Take mock exams to see how well you score and also improve your time management. Practice hands-on techniques for ease and efficiency. Most of all, stay focused but level-headed and observant.

When you get your CNA exam results, you may be disappointed if you got a score lower than you expected. Under the fair testing policies, you are given the right to appeal these results. To do so, you must write a letter containing identification information, the nature of your grievance and relevant facts, a return address, and some other information. Depending on where you are, you are either instructed to mail directly to the regulatory entity in your area. Check the CNA examination manual released for your state to learn the full details of these procedures and more.

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