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CNA Examination Policies: Rules Observed in Test Centers

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Lots of potential examinees ask the question: “Is the CNA test hard?” Well, one cannot say that it is easy, but with the right preparation it can be much less difficult than you might imagine. However, even the examinees who have studied very well can fail even before finishing the CNA examination. Why? It’s because they might violate the rules observed in CNA exam locations.

First off, you need to bring exactly the right materials and come wearing the recommended clothing as per your examinee handbook. Failure to do so can mean that you will be barred from entering and taking your exam. Worse, this is inexcusable, and your CNA exam fees will be forfeited.

The proctors watching over the exam, like those in nursing examination test and other professional exam test centers, will brook no cheating, or abetting for that matter. If you cheat or help someone cheat and are caught doing so, you will be removed from the venue – but that’s not the worst of it. Your exam is invalidated, fees forfeited, and a notice is sent to the professional regulatory board in your state. A black mark to be avoided for sure!
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Electronic devices of all sorts are to be turned off inside the CNA exam venue. Silent mode is not enough; you must turn it completely off. While they are not usually prohibited from being brought into the test venue, especially considering most test centers do not provide secure storage for personal belongings, they must not be used at all inside the test center.

Large bags, briefcases, books, and papers not part of your examination ID are not allowed into the venue. If you bring these with you, they will be confiscated and returned after the test is completed. The test center cannot be held liable, should these confiscated materials be lost or stolen. Rule of thumb: Bring only what is asked of you.

Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited during the exam, so don’t bother bringing food, drinks, or tobacco to the exam venue. They’ll only distract you from the task at hand.

Be on your best behavior during the exam. As with the matter of cheating and abetting, misconduct in the test center can mean a cancellation of your test and a rapid ejection from the premises, plus a notification to the state professional regulatory authority. Sit down, be quiet, answer the questions, and leave in an orderly manner.

You are not allowed to bring any guests, children, or pets to the CNA examination venue. They are not allowed to wait in the lobby or other such areas in the venue. Aside from adding to the strain of venue security and order, they might distract you from the task at hand – namely completing the test as best as you possibly can. Best to have them wait at home.

Follow these rules and you can complete your CNA exam without a hitch. After that, it is simply a matter, albeit a nerve-wracking one, of waiting for your CNA exam results.

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