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CNA Practice Exam 2013 Online

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There are some question and answers for CNA students to practice CNA exam. This is just an idea to help CNAs to prep.

Q.1) Which of the followin should you observe and history when admittin a client?

A. color of the feces and quantity of pee voided
B. how much the consumer has consumed and drunk
C. bruises,marks,rashes,or damaged skin
D. insurance information

When addressing a customer on the intercom you should

A. ask for the customer’s name.
B. say,”What do you want?”
C. give your name and position and sy “may I help you?”
D. say,”The nuse will reaction your get in touch with.”
Q.3) Which of the following factors should you do to acquaint yourself a new customer with his or her surroundings?

A. Show the consumer where the get in touch with mild is and how to perform it.
B. Tell the consumer no to function the TV.
C. Ask guests to keep the space while you complete admittin th customer.
D. Raise the bed tracks of the bed and increase the bed to great position.
Q.4) When organizing a individual’s space, you should do all of the following EXCEPT

A. check indication cables.
B. adjust the returning and joint sets as instructed,
C. administer medicines.
D. check lighting
Q.5) When assistin a customer in and out of bed, the health professional assistance should always

A. employ body program auto mechanic methods.
B. get another individual to help.
C. pull the customer’s fee out first, and then raise the returning up.
D. put footwear on the consumer because the affected individual may slip
Q.6) When should you fresh your hands?

A. when you observe they look or experience dirty
B. when the cost health professional informs you to
C. at least twice daily
D. before and after get in touch with with a patient
Q.7) Which of the following is appropriate procedure for providing a food to a customer who mut be fed?

A. serve the plate along with all the other containers, and then come returning to nourish the client
B. bring the plate to the consumer last; nourish after you have provided all other clients
C. bring the plate into the space when yo are prepared to nourish the client
D. have the kichen keep the plate for one hour
Q.8) The MOST serious issue that facial lines in the bedclothes can caues is

A. restlessness.
B. sleeplessness.
C. decubitus sores.
D. bleeding and surprise.
Q.9) An essential way to decrease the occurrence of decubitus sores is to

A. keep the clientin bed.
B. force liquids every 2 time.
C. change position every 2 time.
D. all of the above.
Q.10) You are informed to put a customer in Fowler’s position. Before modifying the position of the customer’s bed you should

A. open the screen.
B. explain the procedure to the consumer.
C. check with the customer’s family associates.
D. remaike the bed.
Q.11) During had washing, the health professional assistance unintentionally variations the within of the drain while washing the detergent off. The NEXT activity is to

A. allow the water to run over the arms for two moments.
B. dry the arms and convert off the tap with th document shower towel.
C. repeat the fresh type the starting.
D. none of the above
Q.12) When providing mouth position proper want to an subconscious individual, the most secure position to privent aspiraion is

A. on her aor his returning.
B. in semi-Fowler’s position.
C. with the go converted to the aspect.
D. in the supine position
Q.13) Mr. Roark, a recently confessed aware customer, has been put to bed. Before making him alone, the FIRST ction would be to

A. ask him if he is starving.
B. inspect his epidermis.
C. complete the history of outfits and valuable items.
D. make sure he knows how to use the get in touch with mild.
Q.14) Whe raising a huge product, the appropriate technique would be to fold at the

A. wast, maintaining your feet directly.
B. wast, rounding shoulder position.
C. knees, maintaining your returning directly.
D. knees and hips.
Q.15) When washing a customer’s veneers at the drain the purpose th either range the emesis sink wiht a document shower towel or to complete the drain with water is to

A. prevent contamintion of the veneers.
B. hide the veneers from perspective.
C. guard against splitting the veneers.
D. protect the sink from scrapes.

A. cut the foods into huge bite-size items.
B. wash his/her hads and the customer’s arms.
C. butter the customer’s breads.
D. provide the consumer with comfort.
Q.17) A patien has a new throw on his right arm. While looking after for him, it is improtant to FIRST observe for

A. pulse above the throw.
B. color and firmness of the throw.
C. warmth and shade of fingertips.
D. signs of failing at the throw end.
Q.18) Encouraging a customer to take aspect in actions fo everyday life (ADLS) such as showering, brushing locks, and feedin is

A. done only when time allows.
B. the family members reponsibility.
C. necessary for rhabilitation.
D. a breach fo customer privileges.
Q.19) In carin for a puzzled ederly man, it is improtant to keep in mind to

A. keep the dedrails up excrpt when you are at the deside.
B. close the entrance to the space so that he does not affect other patients
C. keep the space black and silent from becoming disappointed.
D. remind him each grieving to showe and cut individually.
Q.20) Before helping a customer into wheel chair, the FISRT activity would be to examine if the

A. client is effectively protected.
B. floor is lippery.
C. door to the space is shut.
D. wheels fo the seat are shut.
Q.21) While providing an unconsious individual a shower, it is essential to

A. passive variety of flexibility to all joint parts,
B. let the cost health professional exercie the individual’s joint parts.
C. call the physiotherapist to perform out the affected individual afterwards.
D. exercise the affected individual only if the physician has requested it
Q.22) Yor are allocated to help Mrs. Kelley with her lunchtime. She is on bed relax. The BEST position for her, if permitted, would be

A. Tredelenberg position.
B. hyperextension.
C. legs clinging at the aspect of the bed.
D. Fowler’s position.
Q.23) When shifting a wheel chair onto and raise, you should stay

A. behind the seat, taking it toward you.
B. behind the seat, forcing it away from you.
C. in fron of customer to get noticable his or her situation.
D. to the aspect and keep the entrance start.
Q.24) The Foley bag must be kept reduced than the customer’s kidney so that

A. urine will not circulation out, messing the bed.
B. urine will not come back to the kidney, resulting in illness.
C. the bag will be invisible and theclient will not be humiliated.
D. the customer will be more relaxed in bed.
Q.25) Mrs. Dark is a diabetic individual. For her midafternoon nutrition, the cooking position area has sent a animated of delicious chocolate ice lotion.Your FIRST activity should be to

A. substitue diet strategy soda for ice lotion.
B. hold the nutrition adn review to the cost health professional.
C. ask the associate to inform the cooking position region of an errir,
D. ask Mrs. Dark if she like ice lotion.
Q.26) When helping a customer to use the bedroom commode, it is essential to

A. leave the get in touch with mild within achieve.
B. place relax room cells nearby.
C. return to examine on the consumer regularly.
D. all of the above.
Q.27) When assistin Mr. Byrd, a sightless customer, with his food, it is NECESSARY to

A. sit next to him to help.
B. identify each product on his plate.
C. feed him so he won’t circulation his food
D. insist that he use only a scoop.
Q.28) The objective of cool programs is usually to

A. speed the blood circulation vessels to the position.
B. prevent warm fatigue.
C. prevent or decrease inflammation.
D. prevent the development of scars.
The hot water container is an example of a

A. local dry warm program.
B. generalized dry warm program.
C. local wet warm appliction.
D. generalized wet warm program.
Q.30) Clients getting an enema are usully placed

A. on the right aspect.
B. on the remaining aspect.
C. flat on the returning.
D. in a semisitting position
Q.31) A women customer’s perineal are should be cleaned before which sample is collected?

A. 24-hor pee specimen
B. midstream clean-catch pee sample.
C. pediatric schedule pee specimen
D. routine pee specimen
The most typical website for maintaining track of the beat is the

A. carotid artery.
B. fermoral artery.
C. brachial artery.
D. radial artery.
Q.33) Whe maintaining track of respirations, the health professional assistance should

A. wait until after the consumer has worked out.
B. not tell the affected individual what you are going to do.
C. count five respirations and then examine your observe.
D. have the consumer depend respirations whilse you take her beat.
Q.34) With catherized sufferers, which of the following is NOT the health professional aide’s responsibilty?

A. insertion of catheter
B. prevention of inferction
C. checking to create sure the catheter is drainin properly
D. recording output
Q.35) When providing details to the cost health professional for an occurrence review, the health professional assistance should

A. write in the customer’s graph that an occurrence happened.
B. keep the review in you individual computer file.
C. stat the important points clearly.
D. give you views as to the cause of the occurrence.
Q.36) All long-term-care health professional helps must be proficiency analyzed and must complete a unique ecducaion course, These requiremnets are set by

Q.37) Sexuality changes in ageing can outcome in

A. decreased libido.
B. unchanged libido.
C. increased libido.
D. all of the above
Q.38) When near relatives check out a customer, the guests should

A. stay in the day space.
B. stay a brief while so as not to wheel the consumer.
C. be predicted to help with proper care.
D. be permitted comfort with the consumer.
Q.39) You may be present at citizen authorities events in an eldercare facilty (ECF) if

A. you are welcomed to be present at.
B. your excellent designates you to be present at.
C. you are enthusiastic about what the citizens are talking about.
D. none of the above
Q.40) Which of the followin is regarded a customer’s right?

A. having drapes drawn during individual care
B. having pesonal details kept confidential
C. receiving and delivering individual mail
D. all of the above
Q.41) An ECF citizen desires to fresh her own lingerie. You should

A. ignore the demand.
B. tell her that outfits must go to the washing laundry.
C. tell her you will do it.
D. help her acquire suppies.
Q.42) In the long-term-care service, the near relatives shuld be ased to

A. leave during therapies.
B. attend care-planning events.
C. avoid viewing during eating times.
D. help execute customer proper care.
Q.43) Sexuality in long-term-care customers may consist of all the following except

A. needing individual time with a associate.
B. caring about a person’s actual aspect.
C. engaging in community fonding.
D. desirin sex-related connections.
Q.44) Which declaration about some sufferers with developing problems is correct?

A. They usually have no ADL abilities.
B. They are usually bed limited.
C. They can understand, but at a slowly rate.
D. They are risky because they are always powerful.
Q.45) A objective for an ECF citizen is that she not believe at periods or helps. Whe she calling you by your name, your appropriate activity is to

A. smile and provides the appropriate compensate.
B. continue whatever procedure that is being done.
C. tease the citizen about not promising.
D. tell all of the employees that she didn’t believe.
Q.46) An distressed citizen must be converted every two time the whole evening. The first activity of the health professional assistance when getting out of bed this citizen is to

A. turn on the mild.
B. speak silently and gently.
C. touch her neck.
D. shout her name.
Q.47) If a customer factors to certain foods for spiritual or social factors, the appropriate activity would be to

A. tell him to hang on for the next food.
B. offer to alternative something different for him.
C. call the diet professional on the next day.
D. tell him he needs to eat what is on his plate.
Q.48) The customer’s spiritual beliefs prohibits eatin poultry. Bread is being provided for morning meal. The MOST appropriated reaction is to

A. encourage the consumer to eat it because she needs proteins.
B. tell the consumer it is all right since her physician requested the diet strategy plan.
C. call the cooking position position for a plate without bacon.
D. tell the consumer that restricion don’t refer in periods of sickness.
Q.49) If a customer requests a subject you cannot reaction, the best reaction is to

A. tell the consumer you will ask another assistance.
B. ask the cost health professional to discuss to the consumer.
C. call the physician to discuss to the consumer.
D. tell the consumer that you cannot reaction the issue.
Q.50) Befor showering a customer, the nursina associate should

A. close the entrance and take the curtain
B. gather a modify of clothing
C. check for a physician’s order
D. all of the above
Q.51) On enterin a space, you noticee that the consumer is no respiration. Your FIRSTaction should be to

A. call for help.
B. lay the consumer down onhis returning.
C. give four qiuck respiration.
D. give 8-10 stomach thrusts.
Q.52) A customer’s veneers are missing, The first activity would be to

A. notify the administrattor.
B. look for them.
C. notify the physician.
D. notify the cost health professional.
Q.53) As a health professional assistance, it is you reposibility to

A. plan the customer’s proper care.
B. do the projects the manager designates to you.
C. do the best you can without asking for help.
D. compare projects with your colleagues.
Q.54) A individual changes on the get in touch with mild when he needs to pee. The apporpriate activity is to

A. ignore the mild since he is not your customer.
B. announce on the intercom that there are two sufferers forward fo him.
C. answer the get in touch with mild and get the urinal.
D. answer the get in touch with mild when you have a lot of time.
Q.55) A prosthesis is

A. an synthetic alternative for a losing aspect of the body program.
B. a program for shifting sufferers.
C. an predicted situation of the ageing.
D. a illness fo the blood vessels circulation program.
Q.56) When performin catheter proper care, the health professional assistance should fresh the catheter

A. toward the meatus.
B. with Betadine detergent.
C. away from the meatus.
D. with liquor.
Q.57) A health professional assistance who is applicable constraints on a customer without guidelines from the cost health professional may be accuesd of

A. slander.
B. battery.
C. false jail time.
D. negligence.
Q.58) H.S. proper care is proper care that is given

A. before foods.
B. before bed time.
C. after foods.
D. upon awareness,
Q.59) The BEST diet strategy for a geriatric customer with no tooth would include

A. hamburger,french france fries, maize, and ice lotion..
B. baked poultry, dressin, peas, and grape macroons.
C. spare rib cage, pasta and dairy products, coleslaw, and fruits cicktail.
D. baked seafood drawn apples, natural spinach souffle.
Q.60) The family associates wants to discuss Bill’s nearing loss of life,but Invoice does not.The family associates should be motivated to

A. carry on the discussion away from Invoice.
B. talk easily in the space regardless of Bill’s desires.
C. wait until Invoice passes away.
D. try to motivate Invoice to take aspect in the cnoversation.

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