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Everyone Sweats Their First Clinical Exam

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nursing student a: I just graduated nursing school, and nothing is more natural than having a strong urge to puke during your first few practical exams. I never felt comfortable until my senior year and even then, I was always a little nervous. A little anxiety keeps you on your toes anyway.
Let me assure you, failing your practical test does not mean you’re destined to fail as a nurse. It gets better, you get better. You’ll become more confident in your skills through practice.
Everyone sweats their first clinical too, so don’t fret too much.
However, if you find that patient interaction really isn’t your thing, might I suggest OR nursing? The patients are often asleep for most of the time you’re with them, and the work is very routine so you get comfortable fast.

nursing student b: In general, it really is pretty routine. After a while, you see a lot of the same cases and you learn how to work with the docs that perform them. If you get a critical patient, the stress can increase, but most of that responsibility is on the anesthetist. The amount of critical patients that you get really depends on the case; for example, cardiac cases would see more unstable patients than urology (duh).
I’m personally aiming for a job in critical care, but I worked in the OR while I was in school and have nothing but good things to say. The only downsides are that, at least where I worked, if you were on call you were basically guaranteed to work, and it’s hard to transition out of the OR back into floor nursing because OR is such a specialized type of nursing.

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