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Factors Affecting Salary of CNA Exam Passers in Connecticut: How Much Can You Expect

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Did you recently pass the CNA exam Connecticut and now looking for a job, or maybe you are aspiring to be one and will soon take the test? In any case, you might be interested to know how much you can expect in salary once you are employed. Well, it can be difficult to get the specifics. But in this article, you will learn the factors that affect the salary of a CNA in Connecticut. Also, you will be given estimates based on some of these factors.

Factors affecting salary

How much salary you can expect from your employer after you pass the CNA state exam will not only depend on your educational attainment or your certification. Other factors will include the nature and description of your work.

If you are starting fresh, your salary expectation may be less than those with experience. It may only be a dollar difference in hourly rate, but cumulatively, that will be a significant amount. The more years of experience you have, the better.

Also, it will depend on the type of employer you have. Salary may differ between hospitals, franchises, colleges/universities, government, non-profit organizations, and foundations/trust).

And because CNAs usually work in environments with 24/7 work time, your salary may also vary on your shift. Salary rate may be regular for 1st shift (day) and slightly higher for 2nd shift (swing). But generally, those in the 3rd shift (night) usually get highest rates because of the inconvenience of their schedule.

Your job description will also be a huge factor. Although you and other CNAs may be working in the same building, you may have a different task compared to the others. You may be assigned to any of the following: elder care, labor and delivery, hospice, intensive, nursery).

Also, your salary may be affected by the number of patients you are attending. If you are placed in a room in which you have to attend to multiple patients, your rate may be higher. Your employment status will also matter. Generally, those with permanent employment status get better rates than temporary and part-time employees.

Salary of CNA Exam Passers in Connecticut

Salary Expectations

Given the data above, a passer of the Connecticut CNA Exam can determine how much he can expect for initial salary rate per hour. Of course, it is hard to determine exactly how much you will be paid. But it will give you a bracket of what to expect so you have an idea if you are underpaid.

With the data given above, a CNA who only recently graduated (year 2011) and has a Connecticut CNA License with no experience in work and assigned to day shift in a hospital can expect around 9 dollars to 13 dollars of hourly rate.

Now, taking the exact same date as in the first case mentioned above but this time working in night or 3rd shift, the salary that can be expected is higher. It starts at around 9.50 dollars to over 14 dollars.

Again, taking the exact same data as the first case (day shift) but this time with 5 years of experience, a CNA can expect an hourly rate of 10.90 dollars to 16.5 dollars. If that is on night shift, the rate would be slightly higher starting from 11 dollars to 16.70 dollars.

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