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Guarantee Passing Marks in the NC CNA Exam: Understand The 4 Most Common Psychological Problems

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If you are thinking about becoming a nursing aide or assistant in North Carolina, all you need to do is download the PDF documents online, fill it up and then pass it to the North Carolina Board of Nursing or the Nursing Aide Registry in the area. If you are qualified for the CNA examination, they will provide the testing site information to you. After that, you can start studying to get your North Carolina CNA license for work.

One of the settings wherein your clients will need long-term care is when they are suffering from psychological issues. However, you will not just find people having these conditions in the mental ward. Even regular patients diagnosed with simple medical conditions may be assessed with this. That is the first thing you must understand if you want to ace your CNA exam North Carolina.

Bear in mind that your client’s physical weakness and debilitation may cause certain psychological problems. It is then your responsibility to keep them healthy so that they would not have to experience this aggravation in their condition. This is part of the CNA exam NC so take note of these very well. Here are the common psych problems you should be very observant about:

CONFUSION – There are various reasons for confusion. Hypoxia, adverse drug effects and other physical and emotional stressors may cause confusion. Constant assessment of the patient’s condition as well as their behavior can help prevent this.

The signs and symptoms of confusion is always part of the North Carolina CNA exam. Confused patients will talk about the same topic every single time. They stick to what they know because that puts them in their comfort zone. The worst thing is that might refuse treatment if they do not trust their environment and the people there.



– Confusion may also lead to aggressiveness. In this case, they might be harmful to other people and themselves as well. You might see questions in the North Carolina CNA exam asking about what you should do as a health care provider.

First of all, know what is causing this behavior. Next, never argue with the client. That will fan the flames even more. Be relaxed, supportive and non-threatening but you should also be ready for any unexpected reactions from them.

DEMENTIA – This is a progressive and irreversible loss of mental function, often observed in your elderly residents. You will definitely see this tackled in the state exam for CNA. Inability to remember things, understand and learn new things and do the usual ADLs are only some of the signs and symptoms of Dementia. You can just imagine how frustrating this is so expect that people suffering from this will be agitated, frightened, paranoid and depressed.

DEPRESSION – This is mood disorder that is described as the “pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity”. Take note of all the signs and symptoms that the patient is exhibiting. It is not just part of the CNA state exam test. This must be prevented from becoming a full-pledged psychological issue because patients may have suicidal ideations and plans.