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Outrival Other Colorado CNA Exam Candidates: Know The Resident’s Rights

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Choosing to become a CO CNA is probably one of the best decisions that you have made in your life. If you are planning to get a Colorado CNA license, you can check out the Colorado Nursing Aide Registry. The Colorado Board of Nursing is the one responsible for the examination as well so you might want to contact them too.

One of the elements in the CAN exam Colorado is about the Patient’s Bill of Rights. The America Hospital Association issued this for all facilities to follow in the early 1970s. There is a version in in long-term care settings called the Resident’s Bill of Rights Here are some of the things you should review for the CNA state exam test that is under this category.

First and foremost, the patient has to be informed about the facility’s services and charges. Be candid about this by not just informing them but also including these in the notice or documents. You will find questions about this in the Colorado CNA exam.

Next, the patient should know about his medical condition – unless it is not in her best interest according to the physician. If they ask about something, base your answers on what is observable. The doctors and nurses in charge of their care are the ones who are prepared to give them more medical information and not you.

They should be allowed to take part in their plan of care, even refuse the treatment that you have suggested to them. If this is not done, you can be charged with invasion of privacy, assault and battery. This is also part of the state exam for CNA.

Their fourth right under this bill is choosing their physician. You can recommend, sure, but your opinion does not matter in this case.

They also have the right to manage their finances, unless they appoint someone else with a power of attorney. If you were the one tasked with this responsibility, make sure that someone witnessed the exchange and there is a ready document to prove it.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals

They must be able to exercise freedom from abuse. This refers to physical (physical and chemical restraints, unless authorized), sexual abuse or harassment, psychological and emotional abuse (verbal assault, threats, financial exploitation, etc). Take note of the various signs of abuse, those are definitely part of the CNA exam.

Finally, they should exercise privacy, dignity, and respect. This includes marital visits and confidentiality. It is an act of courtesy to knock at their door before going in, but in this case, it is a law that you need to observe.

If you think that someone violated any of the rights of your client, you must inform the authorities immediately – that refers to the doctors in charge. Be very observant with this.

Again, passing the CNA state exam test is not just about answering the questions right. Once you get your license and are able to work, you should uphold these rights. You are, in one way of another, their guardians. They look to you for care and protection so you must do everything in your power to pull that off.