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Pass Your CNA Exam with a Review Plan

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Passing your nursing assistant exam means putting a lot of effort into learning everything before the big day. Of course this means spending as much time as possible reviewing. Spending all of it reviewing is just impractical so you will need some kind of schedule on how to go about your review. The following is a proposed schedule you can use as a template for your own.

Four Weeks Ahead Of the Exam
Take a practice exam and review your score. All questions that you missed should be marked based on their categories. Find out the correct answers to these questions by referring to appropriate chapters. Making notes this early on should help your review down the road. Pay close attention to the questions you missed and take the practice test again.

Three Weeks Ahead Of the Exam
Take another practice test but this time take another kind. Mark all the questions you missed based on their categories. Take time to make notes and flash cards for all the terms included in the exam. Pay close attention to the ones you missed and others that you find difficult to remember. After doing some reading, studying and reviewing take the same practice test again.

Two Weeks Ahead Of the Exam
Use this time to review for the clinical skills test. Review all the basic nursing skills included in your reference materials. Pay attention to care activities and their rationales. Study all chapters that discuss these skills until you are confident of your knowledge. Ask a partner to practice these skills with you.

One Week Ahead Of the Exam
At this point, you should already have notes on every chapter and taken more than one nursing exam practice test. Trim down your flash cards to only the terms you missed and complete another pass on these. Go over the instructions given by the testing center and be sure that you understand when and where to report for your exam. Take note of what you can and cannot bring as well.

Two Days Ahead Of the Exam
Use this time to ask the testing center if you have any concerns or question about the exam. If you need to travel long distance, now is the best time to leave town and make your way to the testing center’s area. If you live nearby, find the best way to get there so you will not be late on the day of the exam. You should arrive at least 30 minutes to two hours before your schedule.

One Day Ahead Of the Exam

Find test tips online or in your reference materials to help with your exam. Avoid anything that might affect your thinking such as alcohol, drugs and sleeping pills. At least eight hours of sleep is recommended to feel relaxed and fresh the next day. Prepare all your things before going to sleep and set your alarm clock accordingly.

Day of the Exam
Eat a well-balanced breakfast and try to relax as you make your way to the testing center. Stay positive and pass that CNA state exam.