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Real Clinical Experience Sharing

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The nursing profession is an innovative industry, we would like to round up a lot of clinical experience in one’s own work, sharing tips with friends here:

Teach primipara to push hard

Some primipara in easy delivery time does not allow, using force is not the appropriate place, causing the fetus to fail a smooth delivery. Before giving birth, they have shouted or repetition, consuming too much energy, and no fetus is effort delivery at a crucial time. At this time, we used to for comfort and encouragement in their language, such as “you can do it”, “you are to me”, “do very well, this”, “you are a hero mother”, and so on. In spirit to the maternal encouragement.

Intermittent period of maternal breath, generalized muscle relaxation, quiet rest, and proper feeding sugar water. Once contractions, maternal deep a breath, and then hold the abdominal muscle and diaphragmatic contraction, as siege forced breath down very hard to increase the negative pressure, breath again, repeat this until the fetal head crowns to maternity rest. At this point we no longer allow maternal breath to avoid fetal head delivery too fast causing perineal laceration but maternal halitus. If maternal emotional to hear these, or you can call their family members to come in and give moral support.

Clever treatment of infant hiccups

When the baby burp, hold up, patting their backs, feed some hot water.
Hug Up, use index finger lightly scratching the mouth and ears, once issued cries, hiccuping stops.
Picked up the baby, stimulate the foot making it cry, ending contraction of the diaphragm muscle suddenly
Don’t cry baby breastfeeding when ill and when excessive hunger, also avoids the baby burp.

Homemade Indwelling Catheter drainage control switch

Indwelling Catheter

Indwelling Catheter

As we know, we often use Indwelling Catheter for patients, to timing placed urine, while many ball SAC urine tube above has switch of clamp, but, urine tube is located in perineal Department, two leg Zhijian, with urine tube Shang of clamp control placed urine, is does not convenient, and many hospital also in with General of urine tube, I often saw has patients own buy has clip to clip drainage bag Shang of pipeline, or with rope to Department pipeline, is trouble. I found drainage bag pipeline of weight and infusion Manager pipeline almost as, on to using finished of infusion Manager Tome of regulation clip of two with scissors cut opened, will infusion tube pinch flat, from regulation clip of rip out removed, also method, again to Regulation clip Ann in drainage bag Shang, then with tape in regulation clip outside vertical winding two week, will regulation clip winding solid, attention tape not stick drainage bag pipeline and regulation clip Tom of knob, such on can as regulation infusion drops speed as clip closed drainage pipeline has, A control switch is easy to use well. We need something more than a nurse, would solve the problem of troublesome (sorry, limited language skills, don’t know I said that if you can understand).

Surgical nurses are back to take care of some surgery patients or patients to surgery, generally to be surgery to patients ‘ psychological fear, fear of surgery will have unexpected, anesthesia will there be problems, level of doctor’s surgery and so on some issues! This requires nurses to identify, give adequate comfort to patients, replied in the affirmative to the surgery.

Let patients reduce fear! Back patients for surgery they will have a lot to worry about, this requires our nurse-sensitive powers of observation do you want to tell your patients the operation was a success, just have a good rest. Allow the patient to have confidence in themselves. Oh, those small details is impossible to ignore!