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RN Failed Real Experience Help You

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Case one: I failed once in RN exam, but finally I passed the test and gain lot of experience. I would like to share those as tips to you guys. The time I failed the RN exam was weird. I did 75 questions an then shut down there, so I did the survey in the clouds. The next day I checked the result surprise me “fail”.

Then, I prepare one and half month, did many practice questions as I can, about 200 questions a day. I finished Saunder’s question bank, kaplan bank. I also did some Moseby question. Kaplan question bank is hard and similar to NCLEX.I recommend Kaplan class, really helpful to me. Memory Kaplan book 3 times. I got many questions I can
found answer in the book.

I got many many priority and dedecation question. I just remember anything related to assessment and teaching(like discharge) cann’t give to LPN or CNA. Priority just remember ABC and safety.

I also had many many medication question, but most of them I know what category they belong to, so it is easier to choose the side effect. Before the exam, I go over kaplan 7 test online and get 85%-90%(the first time I did it, I got 59-65%).

In conclusion, failed is not the end of world. One or two more month is nothing in your whole life, just take agine. I thought these way after I took the exam. I had 8 Kaplan classes(about one month), teacher just go over the questions
and teach us stratigy and how to elimited the wrong answer. My teacher was really good. I also had online source, question bank and exam. I did all of them. My friend had one question exactely same as the one my teacher showed us in class. I did not get any same question. Kaplan book is really good.

You are right, NCLEX test our comprehensive ability, it is hard for us. Do you know ATI, it also help me. My School require us to take and pass ATI exam in order to go next level classes.

PS, my classmate took NCLEX this morning, she had 265 questions, hope she pass.

Case 2: I took 75 questions too, the computer gave me 7-8 multiple choice questions. Most are medicine questions not luck at all. I would suggest that pay attention to the 75 questions, slow down and do your best, textbook should read completely and practice questions should do more and more. I passed at the first time.

Case 3: Kaplan does great course book´╝î edited by them. That is very good. The first time I failed in RN exam just because I did not read textbook but do more questions.