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The CNA Nursing Exam – Passing the Gate to Your Dreams

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The time has come for you to take the CNA nursing exam. You have finally made it through all the schoolwork and other hardships to get to this point. Many potential nurse assistants dread this testing as it has serious implications for their future. While they are right to show it respect, trust that it is nothing to fear as long as you come prepared.

Being prepared does not mean being ready out of the gate. These things take an investment of time and you would be wise to make this investment as the CNA nursing exam is, realistically, the only hurdle left to a productive career. Getting it right the first time means a lot more time spent on building up your career.

Putting Fear in Its Proper Place
It is only natural to be afraid during the day of the CNA nursing exam. Most are nervous about performing the practical portion while being overlooked by an examiner. What you need to know is that you are not the first person to feel this way ever since certification exams such as this became the norm and all examiners look beyond this nervousness in order to gauge your skills properly. In other words, they do not consider your jitters in judging whether you are fit or not, so take comfort in that. If you practiced hard enough to be confident in your skills then you have definitely nothing to worry about.

Know What to Expect
Although all licensure exams are different from one another, it is good to know that there are things everyone can expect to be included. This helps focus your preparation and gives you a lot of confidence each time you perform a task well or recall fundamental knowledge.



The CNA nursing exam is comprised of two parts: a written exam and a clinical performance exam. The written exam tests the knowledge you have acquired from your training. If you kept every note, handout and reference book at hand, then you are in good shape. It is especially helpful if you are taking the exam in the same state or region that you received training. Do not enter the fray without these sources of knowledge. When reviewing, focus on the areas that had the most problems with during your training. When you finally understand these along with the areas you are good with then you know you are ready, so do not rush until you do. It is worth it so trust in that.

The clinical exam will ask you to perform three to five (mostly five) Nurse Aide skills. Apart from this, your training as a nurse assistant carries the following expectations when measuring and recording the following:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Weight (both of an ambulatory patient and not)
  3. Urinary output
  4. Radial pulse
  5. Respiration

To help you out with practicing for the clinic exam, here is a list of what is likely to come up:

  • Proper hand washing
  • Application of knee-high elastic stocking (at least one)
  • Caring for a catheter on a female patient
  • Caring for a patient’s fingernails
  • Caring for a patient’s food
  • Bedpan use assistance
  • Dentures cleaning
  • Proper wearing and removal of gown and gloves
  • Proper patient dressing when they are affected with a weak right arm
  • Proper feeding of patients who cannot feed themselves
  • Transfer belt usage in ambulatory assistance
  • Transfer belt usage for transfers from bed to wheelchair
  • Modified bed bathing
  • Making a bed that is occupied
  • Exercising a patient’s knee and ankle through passive range of motion
  • Exercising a patients’s shoulder through passive range of motion
  • How to position a patient on their side
  • Providing care for a patient’s mouth
  • Female patient perineal care

What it all boils down to is take your time to practice and study when preparing for the CNA nursing exam. Cramming is never good and so the same goes for improvising during the practical exam when only the right medical standards will suffice to pass. Haste does make waste and do not worry about taking too long to prepare, you will certainly make up for it once you pass the CNA nursing exam.nursing exam. Good luck. do not worry about taking too long to prepare, you will certainly make up for it once you pass the CNA