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Use Practice Tests to Pass Your CNA Exam

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The CNA examination can make or break your career as a nursing assistant. It is the all-important first step that you must take before anything else. As such, you want to be fully prepared once the big day comes. The good news is that there is such a thing as a nursing exam practice test. Taking such tests is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for your exam.

Practice tests are often included in various review materials. These commonly found at the end of each chapter in a review book. After reviewing its content, it is in your best interest to take these practice tests. For one thing, it gives you a measure of how far you are in your review. It also shows you what areas need further improvement.

Once you have identified the chinks in your armor, use your time to concentrate on those. This helps you prioritize the time you have for reviewing which increases your chances of getting a passing score. With so many topics covered by the exam, this makes reviewing a lot easier. Take note that not all topics are equally covered as well. For instance, an exam may cover as much as 35% on nursing skills but only 3% for legal and ethical aspects of care.

Keep in mind that it is not realistically possible that you expect to get every correct answer. The good news is that you do not have to get a perfect score to pass your written exam. Getting a passing score which is set by the CNA state board is enough to complete your exam successfully.

More often than not, review materials contain an entire section dedicated to additional resources. These are great at cutting your research time in half and help in finding relevant and useful materials for your review.

Among all the items you need to learn for your written exam, the terms are perhaps the most difficult. It can get really confusing to cram all that knowledge in your head. Make things easier for yourself by taking down notes and making flash cards. These should make it easier for you to recall the terms.

At this point, you may take the practice test again to see how far you have come. Like the real thing, you should aim for a passing score when taking a practice test. Pat yourself on the back for getting a score of at least 80%. Otherwise, you need to spend more time studying if you want to pass your CNA examination.

Of course you do not have go at it alone when reviewing. If you know other people about to take the CNA nursing exam, it is a good idea to form a study group with them. Taking online review classes is also a good idea. Coming up with a review plan should increase your review’s effectiveness and take you one step closer to passing your test.

Practice tests for a nursing assistant examination may be downloaded separately as well.

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