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Can I Take CNA exam in florida without taking the courses?

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I was a CNA many years ago, I want to start again, just wondering could I take both the practical and written without taking classes, or is the course a prequiste to taking the exam?

You can probably figure this out pretty quickly with some quick googling. Its different state to state. I “challanged” (took without any classes) the NC exam and passed. The problem is that if you do that, still a lot of hospitals will not hire you unless you are a nursing student who is certified CNA or certified CNA and passed a course.

It definitely varies state to state. I took the CNA classes and exam back in July and from what I can remember from the class is that if you have not worked at least 8 hours as a CNA in the past two years then your certification has expired and you have to take the test again providing your previous certificate number. I don’t believe you have to take the course if you have that previous number. However, if it has been a long time since you worked as a CNA I would suggest taking the course. It will be a nice refresher, nothing too stressful, and it pays itself off once you start working.

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