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Case Study of CNA Exam

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I currently work two jobs and approximately 35 hrs/week in non-medical fields. Come December, I’m eligible to sit for the CNA exam. I know it will be a good idea to gain experience and possibly get my foot in the door at an organization for when I’m an RN. However, I’ve been hearing the money is horrible (less than $12/hr). But then I’ll hear that the wage is decent (apparently it’s 18.5/hr at a local hospital in Philly suburbs). I don’t make much now, but I can’t afford to make less working part-time as a CNA. Does anyone have any facts/figures? I’d ask the CNAs at the hospital I’m doing clinicals at, but it seems a bit rude.

Case 1:
In my town a lot of nursing students can get tech jobs at hospitals without taking the CNA exam and they get paid more than the CNA’s and have a lot more flexible schedule. We were able to do this after our first semester of school or second semester depending on the hospital. If your area does this it might be something to look into and helps get your foot in the door if you stay in the area….

Case 2:
Just ask the CNAs there if they know what the hospital pays new CNAs. Explain that you sre thinking of workong as a cna too. They don’t need to tell you their salary and you’ll get bonus points with them for showing them respect.
I worked night shift for the slightly better differential and personally really benefitted from the experience.

Case 3:
I worked as an Extern in a small community hospital in Philly and I made $15.50 base pay plus shift differential for overnight and weekends. I was offered a job before I took my boards, was able to pick the unit and the shift I wanted to work. You can make it work if you have to, you just have to get creative. But in the end I would say that it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

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