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CNA Communication Skills

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Think often, walk today should think about what to say. Want a who I saw, I want a speech, how can I say? Every time you want to put the words say, want to be good at summing up, summarizes what are the problems with talk every time, every time you want to progress. If I didn’t want to good, they do not say first, didn’t want to good, just a little bit to stop, don’t try so hard, the stop besides can also, the key is not to give up opportunity.

Finally, we say that, behavior and language training. That is our behavior, our etiquette training, and the relationship between language training. There is now a data, said a person speaking contains many influence factors of expressing effect, such as the content, the voice, speaking body language, facial expression, and so on, these things put together produce the effect of language. These factors for language effect of the different proportion, so in all in the influential factors, the content of the language in proportion of the have how old? Sound is strong, is infectious, this account for how many? And my body movement, the expression, posture sitting position?

The content of the speaking a language exchange accounts for only of the effect of 7%, the voice of 38% effect. Such as we approach the every day, your voice was infected by the others, whether to let you feel the night the patient is really serious. The effect of the language in the communication, the influence of 55%.

This shows, in language communication, interpersonal, our the language, is the etiquette training is the most important. The man she don’t talk I like her. Five people said the same content, but you may like the most, the most trust is a person, because you most admire him. So, language exchange, a person’s behavior culture is the most important. So we have to train our code of conduct.