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Employment Expectations For Kentucky CNA Exam Passers: Gaining An Advantage In Employment Competition

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After passing the Kentucky CNA exam, a CNA can expect work in many different environments. These can include hospitals, clinics, patient’s home, and other care settings. Of course, you are expected to adhere to the standards that you learned during your studies and training. The state will have great use of the expertise of CNAs.

But since there are many others who also passed the state exam for CNA, there can be competition. It may not really lead to unemployment because there is a high demand for nursing assistants across the United States, but what you should be aiming for is better or increased salary.

To meet the expectations of your employer and the Kentucky board of nursing and potentially lead to better career and salary, here are some tips for newly certified nursing assistants:

Get high score in board

Some institutions pay higher than others. Common examples are hospitals. Usually, these employers have higher standards. But if you did not merely pass the CNA exam Kentucky and actually scored high or made it to the top list, it will be a huge advantage.

So if you have not yet taken the CNA state exam test, it would be best if you put a lot of effort in your studies and review.

Do well during probation period

As a fresh graduate with no experience, you cannot really expect a very high salary. But Kentucky has a rather good salary rate for CNAs. While other states only have an average of $27,000 to above $30,000, the state of Kentucky pays an average salary of $35,000 to CNAs.

To ensure a good salary rate, you need to impress your employer and superiors during your probation period which is usually 90 days. If you score well, you can expect a slight increase in salary when you become a regular employee.

Get plenty of experience

Experience can have a huge impact on how much salary you will be given by your employer. Even an experience of five years can already have a significant difference in salary compared to those with no experience.

But how about fresh graduates, where can they get experience? Some students choose to do part-timework that is related to the field. This can already be considered as experience.

CNA training program

CNA training program

Stick to SOPs

If you see your workmates insisting on sub-standard and shortcut work, do not copy them. Chances are that your superiors know.

Also, your job responsibility can endanger life if not done correctly. So you would do best to strictly follow the standard operating procedures. Efforts like this one will certainly become apparent and receive praise from your superiors.

Continue studies

Depending on the CNA training program that you attended, your units may be credited if you decide to continue your studies as a nurse for example.

By getting a higher educational degree and gaining higher degree of certification, you can ensure a better salary offer from your employer. As a CNA, a common path to take is becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).

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