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Ensure High Scores in Your Florida CNA Exam: Study the Different Psychosocial Care Skills

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If you are planning to become a FL CNA, you need to take their CNA exam Florida is giving. Once you have taken the course, you can download the Prometric form which is available on the internet, print it, fill it in and then send it to the address provided on the first page.

If they deem you competent enough to take the CNA exam FL, they will send you a confirmation letter and the testing site where you are close to. There are over 40 sites all over the state including Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and so many more.

Before you take the CNA state exam test, you must be well prepared for it if you want to sail through it. One of the most challenging aspects of the course is the various Psycho-social care skills that you need to have when dealing with your patients. Take note that physical diseases and debilitation may also cause various psychological issues as well.

Emotional and Mental Needs
Besides the physiological needs of your body like food, clothing and shelter, it is very important that you tend to the emotional and mental needs of your patients when they are under your care. Admittedly, it is easier to provide the former than the latter. However, you can do this by communicating with them. Try to do the best that you can so that they won’t feel bored or sad. Knowing this will help you with your state exam for CNA.

Cultural Needs
Another point that you need to take note of if you want to get that Florida CNA license is your patients’ cultural needs. The country, especially Florida, is a hot pot of different people from various countries with distinct cultures. Each has their own needs, wants, beliefs and point of views in life. If, for example, a patient from Asia will refuse treatment for a certain disease because they will see a shaman, try to accept that. Your responsibility is to persuade them to try the medical ways as well.

CNA exam FL

CNA exam FL

Spiritual Needs
Spiritual health is defined as the “wholeness of a person and the ability to connect with something larger than self”. Of course, this is more evident in the beliefs that each of us have in terms of the religion we choose. Do not disregard this if you do not think this true or mock other spiritual beliefs of your patients. For them, this helps them when they are in distress, whether physical or emotional. Scientific research proves that those who are experiencing even the most life-threatening, terminal diseases can push through and live well because of their spirituality.

Sexual Needs
Yes, even this is part and parcel of your resident’s needs, and naturally, will be found in the Florida CNA exam. We are not just talking about love-making. This also includes gestures like touching and cuddling. Again, put yourself in your patient’s position. You have those needs also so expect that they will have those too.

Being healthy does not only pertain to the physical health of your patient – that is one of the most important things that you need to focus on when answering questions created by the Florida Board of Nursing. Again, it is also important that, once you get the Florida CNA license, you will care for your patients with these theories in mind.

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