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Focal Element of The Oregon CNA Exam: Promoting Patient Self-Reliance

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Becoming an Oregon CNA may not be as financially fruitful as deciding to be an RN but it is definitely a good start in the field of health care. Like most professions, you would have to enroll in a school which offers this study, graduate, take the Oregon Board of Nursing CNA examination and pass that so that you get the Oregon CNA license to be able to practice.

The Headmaster Testing Service
is the one tasked to give the CNA examination to those who want to work in the health care field as a nursing assistant in Oregon. There are two parts of the test here: a multiple choice written exam and a manuals skills test. If you want to ace this, you should review and practice for your state exam for CNA.

One important part of the CNA exam OR is the various ways in which you can promote your patient’s independence – physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Some facilities also include spiritual guidance in the picture. If you want to pass the Oregon CNA exam, you should review this aspect of this field in health care.

First and foremost, you need to help them be self-reliant in terms of their ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. In long term health care facilities, this is often one of the primary objectives. Hygienic activities like bathing, grooming, brushing the teeth and so many others is very important. Besides the feeling of being clean and the protection from certain diseases, the resident will feel immensely better that he or she can do these very simple tasks on their own.

Besides ensuring that your residents can work on their hygiene by themselves, you should also help them regain their self reliance in terms of toileting, diet and nutrition and even with recreation, rest and sleep.

nursing home

nursing home

Helping them recover the strength and will to do things on their own is not an easy project. You need a solid plan to follow. Although the doctors and the nurses are the principal health care providers who will do this, remember that you will also play a part in this picture. The team you are part of must work like a well-oiled machine. You may have different roles but all of you are working to aid your client.

The most important thing here is that you do not let your patient experience exacerbation or aggravation of their diseases or disorders. Immobility is one of the most common complications which must be prevented. This may lead to more problems.

Remember that all CNA state exam test consists of two parts: the written one wherein you get to answer sixty (60) multiple choice questions and the skills part wherein you have to demonstrate some of what you have learned in training.

Once you have passed the CNA exam Oregon, you can start applying for a job to work as a nurse aide. If you want to climb up the ladder a few years of serving in this profession, you may very well do so. Do your research regarding the various steps you need to take so that you can succeed in this venture.

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