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Legal Ethics For Oklahoma CNA Passers: 7 Actions That Will Cost A CNA’s and Call For Legal Action

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Passers of the state exam for CNA in Oklahoma are expected to conduct themselves accordingly once they begin working as certified nursing assistants. But more than doing their job according to how they learned it, CNAs will also do well to learn the legal ethics that they must adhere to. These are acts that can cost them their job, license, and even call for legal action. Here some legal ethics a CNA must keep in mind:

Abuse of patient

It can be infliction of physical injury. However, mere verbal threat can pass for abuse. Not only physical but bringing mental harm to a patient is against the legal ethics of Oklahoma board of nursing. This is something CNAs should guard against even though some patients can be abusive or hard to handle.


Even if you are not the person who caused the mental of physical abuse, you are still liable to the law if you witnessed the abuse being done on the patient and you did nothing to act on it. This is called abetting. Those with Oklahoma CNA license are supposed to guard the well-being of the patients whether they are under their direct care or not.

Unlawful imprisonment

It is true that some patients need to be isolated to prevent communicable diseases from spreading. However, there is correct procedure to this. Confining a patient against his/her will is unlawful and against the code of Oklahoma board of nursing.

Privacy Invasion

Even though a patient is under your care which includes taking care of his/her personal hygiene like bathing and toileting, you need to do so with his/her permission. You should also be careful not to expose the patient’s body parts to others. Protecting the privacy of patients also includes keeping their personal affairs private. For example, you need to keep out of their personal belongings and let them speak privately with loved ones.


It is the main duty of the CNA to take care of the daily needs of patients and residents under his/her care. If any of these responsibilities are neglected, it is a violation of the legal ethics of CNAs. And it does not matter whether the neglect is intentional or accidental. Especially if it led to putting the condition of the patient in danger, it will be an even more serious case.

Abuse of patient

Abuse of patient


Carelessness is also against the legal ethics of CNAs. This includes not performing the procedure in the way that you were taught. So if you are doing shortcuts and not following the standard operating procedures, you are committing negligence.


Of course, this should be common sense and it would not be legal wherever and to whomever this is done. Taking whatever is not yours is definitely a criminal act. This can be quite common considering how exposed CNAs are to the patient’s valuables.

And this sums up most of the legal considerations that passers of the CNA Exam Oklahoma should keep note of. If you have not taken the exam yet, you will do well to familiarize yourself with these as they may appear on the exam. For more details, you can do expanded reading on this subject as it can cover a wider topic.