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Ohio Nurse Aide Registry CNA Exam

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Ohio Nurse Aide Registry CNA exam, the Competency Evaluation Exam is a tool through which the OH DOH analyzes medical aides-related skills and knowledge of applicants to execute in an entry-level wellness professional assistance position.

CNA Examination contains two independent portions:

The Written or Oral Analyze – includes 79 multiple-choice test concerns. Questions are chosen from 12 healthcare and non-health proper care subject matter based on OH DOH Analyze Plan and OBRA regulations.

The Expertise Analyze – For the Expertise Analyze, the applicants are provided 35 minutes to demonstrate one Hand Washing skill process and 4 additional arbitrarily chosen skill tasks. The applicants are rated on the basis of each skill process, and a score of 80% pass the Expertise Analyze.

The successful completing both NATP and CNA Examinations by medical assistance students generates CNA Documentation in Tennesse and signing up with the OH Nurse Aide Registry. They are also provided a CNA license number to execute lawfully in types of medical proper care configurations and wellness treatment centers. CNA Documentation remains legitimate for 2 years, and to maintain it in current status, Documentation must be restored before the expiry.

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