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Pass the New Jersey CNA Exam At First Try: Master Collecting Specimens

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Passers of the New Jersey CNA Exam will soon be working in hospitals and other similar institutions. When they do, part of their job will be the collection of specimen from patients. This will include collection of either stool or urine which will be used in laboratory experiments.

Therefore, it can be expected that knowledge about collecting of specimen will be part of the state exam for CNA. If you want better chances of nailing the exam at first try, you would do well to master this one subject. Of course, you need to do the same for the other subjects as well.

Collecting of urine

Laboratory tests on urine can reveal many things about the physical and health condition of an individual. It can reveal problems in the kidney, blood, and can also reveal internal injury. Generally, urine test is a very important part of examining a patient’s overall health.

Collection of the urine will be done on the bedpan, urinal, or specimen collection pan. The patient may be able to do this on his own. If not, you will need to assist him and provide perineal care. From the bedpan, you will transfer about 5ccs of urine into the specimen container.

Make sure that you do this cleanly to avoid spread of bacteria from the urine. After collection of 5ccs of urine, immediately cover it up. You must avoid touching the lid of the specimen container.

Other than collecting the specimen from the bedpan and clean catching it, the CNA state exam test may also include collection of urine from catheter.

When collecting urine specimen from a patient in catheter, you should follow these steps: 1) prepare the specimen container and remove the cover, 2) clamp the catheter just before the collection port, 3) clean the collection port with alcohol swab, 4) use a syringe with no needle and attach it to the port to collect about 5 ccs of urine, 5) transfer the urine into the specimen container and cover it up.

Collecting of stool

Just like urine, examination of a patient’s stool can reveal many things about that patient’s health condition. Part of the responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant with New Jersey CNA license is the collection of stool when required.

To start, you need to prepare the specimen container first and remove the cover. Make sure it is in place so you can immediately transfer the stool specimen into it. This will avoid any accidental mess.

Then, place a specimen pan or bedpan beneath the toilet seat. If necessary, assist the patient during vowel movement. Also, you must instruct the patient to avoid mixing tissue paper into the stool specimen collected in the bedpan.

Transfer specimen into the container and cover it up while avoiding the lid. This will prevent spread of germs. Then, wrap the tongue depressor using towel paper and discard it the biohazard waste container.
Lastly, clean up the bedpan and store it at the drawer below the bedside. Never place this in the overbed or any surface to avoid spread of germs. This knowledge will not only be important in passing the NJ CNA exam but will be very useful once you start working as a CNA.

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