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Pennsylvania CNA Exam Coverage on Limitations of a CNA’s Responsibilities

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If you want to be a PA CNA, you can start by scheduling your exam with the American Red Cross. Their main office is located in Harrisburg or you can just call them at (800) 795-2350. They will need your papers from the school where you studied and the fee that you would need to pay. This may cost somewhere over $100.

Now, as a Certified Nursing Aide or Assistant, you are charged with the care of your patients or clients. Then again, everyone is the health care field has that duty as well. To prevent overlapping of duties at the workplace and ensuring that one is able to do his or her task well, you have to know the particulars.

A certain percentage of the whole Pennsylvania CNA Exam is also focused on your duties as a Nursing Assistant. Reviewing this aspect of your job is very important. Here is a sample question regarding your limitations given in a state exam for CNA.

Among these functions, which falls under your responsibility as a CNA?

  • Offers care and assistance to clients as required
  • Does the things that their employers asked of them once hired
  • Acts based on what they believe is right or wrong
  • Performs work based on moral or ethical reasons

Before we give you the answer, let us try to review the definition of your responsibilities are as a nursing aide before you take the Pennsylvania CNA exam.

1 Helping your client with activities of daily (also known as ADLs). These are the things that most people need to do every day – eating, toileting, bathing, dressing and so many more. If the patient is not able, you should aid them with this. In relation to this, CNAs are also tasked to assist clients in their ambulation, movement, and exercise to improve musculo-skeletal health. If the patients are not able to do this at all, such as in comatose clients, lifting and transporting are also done.

2 Measuring vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.), observing changes in these numbers, documenting these as necessary, and reporting them to the nurses or physicians you are under.

3 Adhering to the SOP in the hospital regarding infection control. This includes hand washing, the right way to handle contaminated objects, procedures for isolation and other things done to prevent and stop infection from spreading.

4 Ensuring safety of your patients. Besides the usual safety SOPs in the hospital, you also need to ensure that the rooms are clean and comfortable so that it can be livable for the clients that you have.

5 Naturally, the CNA should also communicate with the patients as well as his or her colleagues. This is part of the state exam for CNA.

Let’s get back to the question. If you have read the list of responsibilities really well, you will see that the only answer to this is A – to offer care and assistance to clients when they need it. All the options are seemingly correct. However, the first one is the more precise description to a CNA’s obligation in the workplace.

Naturally, this is not the only content of CNA examination. If you want to get your Pennsylvania CNA license, you should be well-versed in all the studies and skills under this field. CNA testing can be pretty difficult, true. However, if you are well prepared for it, you would not have to worry about anything.