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The Moral and Ethical Way to Work: Important Part of the North Carolina CNA Exam

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Getting a North Carolina State license is pretty much the same as taking it elsewhere in the country. You can also ask their Board of Nursing office to learn more about their state exam for CNA. The NC CNA test is tricky and challenging. There are two sets that you need to take: written and actual CNA examination.

All professionals have a set of rules and guidelines to follow in whichever setting they find themselves in. All these are based on the ethical laws created by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Obviously, Nursing aides or assistants will also need to work in accordance to these.

If you are thinking about studying so that you can work in this field, you should expect that ethics in the workplace is definitely part of the curriculum. Since this is the case, you should also know that this subject matter is also part of the CNA state exam test in North Carolina. Here are some of the things which you might want to look up:

Basic Ethics
Ethics is defined as a philosophical study of moral values, that is, the ideas of right and wrong. In the field of health care, ethics is very important because you are dealing with the overall health and life of your clients. You are directly responsible for what happens to them while they are in your care. Remind yourself of this fact every time after you get your North Carolina CNA license.

Beneficence (doing good for other people), Non-maleficence (doing others no harm) and Veracity (truthfulness) are only some of the most important things that nursing assistants should always abide by. Even if no one else is looking, conforming to these is vital.

Your Client’s Rights
Everyone in the health care service do have to conform to the policy which is the “Patient’s Bill of Rights” which gave birth to “Resident’s Bill of Rights”. The latter refers more specifically to staying in the facility and receiving treatment for a longer period of time.

Legal Considerations
Finally, the legalities are based on the first two explained: the ethics that you follow and the rights of your patients. Here, if you make certain mistakes, neglect your job or your patient and do something unscrupulous on purpose, the authorities will take this against you and hold you liable for the act.

Abuse, assault, aiding and abetting, battery, false imprisonment, involuntary seclusion, neglect, and theft are some of cases that health care providers face. The most common though are invasion of privacy and neglect. Besides the state exam for CNA that you need to take, you be really careful once you are working.

A lot of people tend to disregard this section of their North Carolina CNA exam review mainly because it is quite easy to remember and are pretty logical – that is, not too much memory work to be done. But don’t. Most of the questions formulated for CNA exam North Carolina are quite tricky so you still need to brush up on this.