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Top The Next Alaska CNA Examination: Know the 10 Job Limitations of A Nursing Aid

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The Alaska CNA Exam is designed to ascertain the qualifications of an aspiring CNA in performing the tasks that will be given to him/her. This means, examinees must have a deep understanding of the job limitations of being a CNA. To give you additional advantage on that upcoming CNA exam Alaska, here are the basic things you need to know about the job description and job limitations of a Nursing Aide/Assistant:

Job description

Although you will be working in a hospital and will be taking care of a patient, your responsibilities will not really cover giving medication and/or treatment like RNs and doctors do. Instead, you will be taking care of their daily needs including grooming, eating, exercising, and toileting. Even as a passer of state exam for CNA, your duties are very limited compared to RNs.

You may also be tasked to monitor and do records of the patient’s condition and progress. This includes taking of vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration. You will also monitor food consumption, behavior, or any changes that the patient’s doctor might need to know. It is also in your responsibility to collect test specimens like feces and urine.

Things you cannot do

Anything that has to do with administering of medication and/or treatment procedures will not be under your care. These tasks will be done by the RN or by the doctor. These include giving of medicine, giving syringe shots, and even application of prescribed topical treatments such as lotions and creams.

Of course, you also should not do anything prohibited by the law or by the facility even if it is ordered by the doctor. If you face situations in which you are not certain of what to do, it is best to ask your direct supervisor.

Things you can do

If the patient is taking medication which he is authorized to take by himself as in the case of self-administered medications, you can assist him in doing so. Also, if an RN or a doctor is giving medication and somehow requires your assistance, you may also do so but only in their presence and under their supervision.

Generally, a CNA must not pass drugs or medications to patients. In fact, even handling of the medicine bottle is something you should not do according to your certification. Of course, you can remind patients to take their medicine on time.

Traits and qualities you must have

Honesty will be very useful to you as a CNA. For example, if you have doubts about something, you should be honest enough to voice it out and ask questions. This will keep you from making mistakes that can cost your job. Also, you need to be very caring and considerate. You will need a lot of those because caring for the patient’s daily needs and well-being will be your responsibility.

You should also learn to be responsible. This will protect you and the patients under your care as well. Being responsible also means adhering to the standards all the time like wearing complete protective gears whenever necessary. Other quality traits of a CNA include dependability, accountability, flexibility, and patience (a lot of patience).

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