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For Hand Washing: (Do not forget!!!)

  • Set aside some paper towels before you begin
  • Turn on the water and use a reasonable quantity of soap
  • Wash arms thoroughly, up to the arms and under your finger claws for at least 20 seconds
  • Make sure finger claws are located down for water to get off of, then split off sponges and dry your hands
  • Use a report hand small towel to convert the water on and off. Although these actions may seem specific and small, the examiner will be viewing for each of them, so don’t cut corners
  • Keep finger claws cut. Lengthy claws harbour germs!

The best way to expert this expertise is through exercise. You can exercise this expertise at home. Create your own simulator and research. Cleansing your arms effectively allows your examiner know that you proper value keeping hygiene and avoiding the exchange of viruses to your sufferers or citizens.


Avoid using oil claws and other ‘fake’ claws, such as guidelines, which are not allowed any longer in most medical care configurations, due to the point that they harbour viruses. Keep in mind that lathering the detergent and cleansing your arms with water that is fresh should take a highest possible of 20 a few moments. Some condition test candidates are very particular about side cleansing and thus want it to be conducted within 20 a few moments.

Depending on the actual life encounter of one person who took the CNA examination, she didn’t finish the abilities examination because she only cleaned her arms for 15 a few moments. How unlucky that was for her. It is therefore not possible to predict the conventional for every condition evaluator. Hand cleansing is a relatively simple process, but if not conducted properly, it could end up becoming the reason for your failing. So to be prepared, fresh your arms for 20 a few moments. In any case, there’s no damage in taking a few more a few moments to finish the process.

The following videos are hand washing, you may practice by yourself with this videos:


cna skills videos wash hands

cna skills videos wash hands


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