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Video CNA Training- Making an Occupied Bed

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This vedio demenstrates making an occupied bed step by step. The information is correct and please look into detail what did he do during that procedure. Wether or not what he did wrong please find out by yourself.

This teacher did an awsome job in this skill. I was reading my nursing Assistant Review Manual as he was performing it and it was really close to exact. This is a great refference. People with negative comments, be happy we have an idea of what to do. thats the point.

The main is :
1 Didn’t raise bed rail
2 Put soild linen on the chair
3 Took pillow and left resident’s head hanging
4 Linen touched the floor
5 left bottom sheet with wrinkles (which may cause a skin sore)
6 didn’t lose the blanket at the feet, to avoit resident’s feet to drop