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FloridaCNAOnline Totally Scam And Fraud

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I took their course, and all I can say it this. I am a 3rd quality instructor and my learners create better than the sentence structure on that web page. I would normally over look the periodic losing comma, but some phrases don’t even have the appropriate punctuation. I did some analysis and it changes out that the proprietor is a 22 season old guy, who lifestyles at his grandmas home. Who doesn’t even have a High school degree. I would prevent this website. It didn’t educate me anything. If you want to get the comparative of their course material for 100 % free go to Its ran by the same guy, but you can get the same things for 100 % free. Why pay for something when its free? In reality if you search engines this “prometric medical examine list” you will discover exactly the same factor on both sites. Surprisingly Prometric has a Duplicate Right.

I bet if someone let Prometric know someone was using their material unlawfully they will provide an prize. I wish this allows anyone considering this low quality web page. I was instructed to their website, VIA an ad on craig’s list, where it said “get your CNA documentation here”. Before I bought their course their client support was excellent. I was e-mailed returning quickly and they vaguely responded to my concerns.

I finalized up and to my shock all they provide for the low cost of 50$ is a record of techniques that is easily available online. Now it requires 2 times for them to reply to my e-mails. They are a finish fraud. I required my money-back. But they rejected to problem me one. They misinform you into purchasing their course. A “nontangible item” not protected by pay pal. So there is little to no possibility of you being able to cost returning your cash. Preserve your cash and go some where else. I might as well purged 50$ down the strain.

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