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Public Health Nursing Studies

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Public Health Nursing in the United States records back to a health professional known as Lillian Wald who, in 1893, recognized the Gretchen Road Agreement House in New You are able to City and created the term, “public wellness health professional.” The California Office of Community Health Nursing was recognized in Jan 2002 to back up the objective of the Division of Health by dealing with breastfeeding problems and to reply to the risk of an increasing breastfeeding lack. A taskforce determined the framework needed to provide state-wide authority and to back up quality in public areas places wellness breastfeeding practice.

Staff provides assistance, specialized assistance and appointment via:
Public Health Nursing Leadership calls
Technical Assistance on Nursing issues
Special Assignments/Projects
Nursing Continuing Education program approval
Mentoring of BSN, MSN, and MPH students

Public Health Nursing is a area of nursing studies that looks for the prevention of illnesses, extending of life and promotion of a healthier lifestyle. It is concerned with the evaluation, analysis, execution and evaluation of treatments towards the enhancement of our health and wellness of the group. These are done through efforts and treatments that target the community, organizations, public and private areas.

The course requires the overall wellness of the community by suggesting for a healthier lifestyle. The term group health nursing can be used to refer to this area of medical health practice. It focuses on the enhancement of the whole group well being in regard to the. The role that the the medical staff in this area play is known as primary prevention. It requires the prevention of illnesses, injury, impairment and prevention of early death. They can perform as environmental health professionals, health teachers, epidemiologists, doctors, and an expert in nutrition. They perform with local neighborhoods to help come up with ways of dealing with the group through projects for reduction of problems which face the community. This is because health is one of the causes of hardship which prevents development.

Most of the time the training and learning provided by the the medical staff are carried out in homes, office buildings, and other group arrangements. They assist the group to apply the training and learning provided to them through the tracking and evaluation of the progress made by the group.

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