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The Orthopaedic Physical Exam Review And Scan

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The absolutely enhanced and customized 2nd Edition of this exclusive words is a must-have for anyone who works smooth cells checks. For each body place, it provides well-illustrated, step-by-step support on identifying ranking, variety, muscles longevity, and sensation…as well as apparent information of what extreme actual results might mean. The publication also functions differ¬ential evaluation systems based on common personal problems, and provides particular line pictures that show you com¬plex scientific elements. “Take-Home Points” at the end of every part guide in review.

  • A consistent format throughout the text allows readers to find information quickly.
  • Key terms and tests are highlighted throughout and defined in a glossary at the end of the book.
  • The book features the expertise of one of the nation’s leading experts on the orthopaedic physical examination. Dr. Reider is Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Sports Medicine; Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Chicago Hospitals; a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine; and has instructed countless students on this topic over the years.
  • A wealth of new testing strategies equip readers to more effectively evaluate today’s full spectrum of joint and muscle disorders.
  • “Take-Home Points” at the end of each chapter facilitate review.
  • “When the Patient Complains of…” boxes make it easier to identify disorders based on a patient’s presentation.
  • Reports on recent clinical studies document the efficacy of various tests.
  • New line drawings depict anatomical structures that are difficult to capture via photography, and more photographs of abnormal physical findings clarify what dysfunction looks like.



Tests of ligamentous laxity A,Elbow hyperextension. B,Thumb to forearm. C, Index finger metacarpophalangeal joint hy perextension. D, Knee hyperestension.



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