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Canadian Registered Nurse Examination 2013 FAQ

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Each Canada provincial and territorial medical regulating body in North america is accountable for guaranteeing that the individuals it signs up as medical staff meet an appropriate stage of proficiency before beginning to practice. The stage of proficiency of rns in all regions and areas except Quebec, canada, is calculated, in part, by the North america Authorized Health professional Evaluation (CRNE). CNA produces and preserves the CRNE through its examining company, Evaluation Strategies Inc., and together with the regulating regulators. The provincial and territorial medical regulating regulators provide the examination and determine qualifications to write it.

The purpose of the CRNE is to secure the public by guaranteeing that the entry-level registered nurse offers the capabilities required to practice securely and successfully.

Exam length and format: The CRNE consists of approximately 200 multiple-choice questions.

Question Presentation: Some questions on the CRNE are presented as independent questions and some are presented within cases. Independent questions contain the information necessary to answer the questions, while c ase-based questions include a set of three to five questions associated with a brief health-care scenario.

What does the CRNE test?
The CRNE tests 148 competencies that fall into four broad categories:

  • Professional Practice
  • Nurse-Client Partnership
  • Health and Wellness
  • Changes in Health
  • CRNE exam development

Registered nurses interested in assisting in CRNE exam development are always welcome.