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Prometric CNA Exam: Is It Possible to Ask for Refunds and Reimbursements?

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The Prometric CNA testing package is not exactly cheap. Aside from being costly in terms of time, the actual monetary cost is certainly not something to sniff at. It is only natural to think as to whether or not one can get refunds, should there be a reason to. You might have to cancel your examination for some reason or other. You might also miss the scheduled test for reasons like bad weather, unexpected closure of the test center and so on.

You might also incur undue expenses as a result of problems with the test. For example, you might have to be rescheduled for an exam the next day and are forced to stay overnight at a hotel close to the exam site. You may even have to fly to another testing site due to unforeseen problems at your appointed test site, such as the closure of the venue, equipment breakdowns and so on.

Well, the good news is that yes, you can ask for refunds and reimbursements from Prometric. Information and forms for either of these can be found on Prometric’s website, in addition to resources for appeals as to the exam conditions and results. However, the procedures differ for refunds and reimbursements.

Refunds can be processed online. Simply fill up the fields with the requested information, and click the “Send” button. The Refund Committee will then review the requests and send an e-mail regarding the approval or rejection of the refund application within 4 business days. However if more information or research is required, it could take longer. The refund will be paid out to you in the same way you sent your payment to them.

Reimbursements are a little more complicated. Reimbursement requests cannot be made via phone calls. There is a form available online, but you still have to print it out and send it via physical mail. This is because you will need to include copies of the receipts for the undue expenses you incurred. Of particular note are the mileage you had to cover (no copy required), and the prices of your airfare and hotel stay. Other expenses may be considered.

The important part is the section where you give your reasons for requesting the reimbursement. You should be as specific as you can here. As soon as the letter is received, the Refund Committee will review your request and send an e-mail containing the decision within 4 working days. As usual, should further investigation or documentation be required, the process may take longer.

Some other exams administered by Prometric, as requested by officiating bodies, must be refunded or reimbursed directly from the officiating bodies. For example, CPA examinees must contact NASBA directly for refunds, appeals, and the like. Fortunately, concerns over the Prometric CNA examinations can be addressed directly to Prometric.

Taking the Prometric certified nursing assistant examination is a costly challenge, so it is good to know that you can get your money back should you run into unexpected problems along the way.