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Prometric CNA Knowledge Test: What Are The Things Involved in This Test?

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The Prometric CNA examination can be nerve-wracking. As always, a little foreknowledge helps greatly in physical and mental preparations for the tests. More often than not, the first test will be the written knowledge test. This one assesses your theoretical knowledge of procedures as a means of measuring your competency.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, each question having 4 choices to choose from. Some of the choices can be similar to one another, so critical thinking is a must. These questions are 50-70 in number (depending on the state), with the addition of 10 pre-test, non-scored items. Depending on the state that you are applying for certification for, you may have between 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete the written test.

The Prometric certified nursing assistant written knowledge test may be delivered in two ways. First is the standard read-and-answer method, where you are given a pamphlet of questions and a separate answer sheet. The other is the listen-and-answer method, where the exam questions are read out by a recording on a CD. This one is available in Spanish in certain states, for examinees who have difficulties in reading English.

If you are not sure which method suits you better, you may try both by reading then answering, and then asking a friend or family member to read out the questions and choices for you. Grade yourself for both and check which one suits you better.

The exam questions do change every year, and there are several sets of questions per year to discourage cheating. However, the overall coverage – meaning the topics included for evaluation – do not vary greatly.

The first topic to remember is the role of the nurse assistant or nurse aide. This includes the duties that may be expected of the nurse assistant, such as reporting, personal health and safety, communication skills, and so on.

The second topic is the promotion of health and safety. Aside from accident prevention and infection control and prevention, you should brush up on fire prevention and safety, the use of restraints, and educating hospital residents on those matters.

The third topic involves the promotion of function and health of residents. These include the personal care needs like hair and nail grooming, bathing, perineal care, and dressing. There are also questions on health maintenance, such as hydration, nutrition, turning and positioning, assistive devices, range of motion, and more. Also, don’t forget about age-related and psycho-social needs.

The fourth pointer is basic nursing skills. This includes routine measurements and data recording – height, weight, blood pressure, confusion, fear, and the like. One critical area here is your knowledge of responses to emergency situations such as seizures, falls, diabetic blood sugar problems, chest pain, choking, and more.

Finally, the fifth area of coverage in the Prometric CNA testing of written competency is specialized care. This refers to the procedures specific to residents with physical and psychological disabilities such as hearing and vision loss, constipation, tube feeding, depression, hostility, and even how to conduct the care of dying patients.

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