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100 Questions and Answers of West Virgina CNA Exam

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There are 100 questions and answers for CNAs practice their writing skills.  Evaluate Your Knowledge    

California RN Program To CNA license

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I was told that after your first semester of nursing school you are qualified to take a test to become a certified nursing assistant. I am unsure about how true that is…but if it is, how do I go about taking this test? Or better–what is the general procedure/process for obtaining a PCA/CNA license? I’ve […]

Challenge The CNA Exam

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I finished my first semester of an RN program and I just got the letter allowing me to challenge the CNA exam in California. Has anyone on here taken it? I know I should be familiar with anything they throw at me but I want to make sure I pass the first time. I’m not […]

Case Study of CNA Exam

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I currently work two jobs and approximately 35 hrs/week in non-medical fields. Come December, I’m eligible to sit for the CNA exam. I know it will be a good idea to gain experience and possibly get my foot in the door at an organization for when I’m an RN. However, I’ve been hearing the money […]

Ohio Nurse Aide Registry CNA Exam

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Ohio Nurse Aide Registry CNA exam, the Competency Evaluation Exam is a tool through which the OH DOH analyzes medical aides-related skills and knowledge of applicants to execute in an entry-level wellness professional assistance position. CNA Examination contains two independent portions: The Written or Oral Analyze – includes 79 multiple-choice test concerns. Questions are chosen […]

CNA Practice Exam 2013 Online

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There are some question and answers for CNA students to practice CNA exam. This is just an idea to help CNAs to prep. Q.1) Which of the followin should you observe and history when admittin a client? A. color of the feces and quantity of pee voided B. how much the consumer has consumed and drunk C. […]

Secret of Passing Skills Test On The CNA Exam

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According to the U.S. Institution of Work Research, job possibilities for CNAs are required to improve by 30 % to 35 % over the next five decades. This is due, in aspect, to the fast expand of elderly people as middle-agers live and retire while life expectations keep improve. To become a qualified nurse’s associate, […]

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