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Got Bad Experience of Studying CNA From University Of Phoenix Axia

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I joined Axia in 2007 and finished my AA in Medical proper care Management during 2009. I knowledgeable many of the problems that are described here. Most of my teachers were reasonable, but seemed to have complications educating the category with the details offered alone. Most of them were more entertaining with learners through content […]

Comfort Keepers Just Not Comfortable Sometimes

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I have been viewing a buddy for 16 days… in that period, Comfort Owners has pelaced his associate 3 times. My buddy is 43, disabled and needs daily proper take proper ordinary family taks. One of my buddy’s greatest issues is alcohol addiction, and the last “care giver” not only purchased and offered liquor to […]

How Can Prometric Be That Inefficient

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There are many complaints about Prometric. Here is one. Prometric deliver me the time frame and place to sign-up my finger prints to be able to take a CNA examination.After two several weeks of continuously telephone calling and e-mails they said there was an error in my last name and later they informed me twice, […]