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Would You Choose Nursing Again?

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If you had to the choice to do it over, would you choose nursing again? Become a CNA, APN, NP, PA, MD, x ray tech, sculpture, monk, or something else entirely? Do more school? less school? And side affects, the neg&pos, of your job. Thanks 🙂 Story 1: I have been a nurse for 34 […]

Practical Nursing Licensing Exam 2013 Outlook

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In 2012, while the word “nursing” is most often associated in individuals thoughts with the rns the regularly experience in medical centers, treatment centers, and private doctor workplaces, another type of the medical staff actually has more direct contact with sufferers on a day to day basis. In fact, if you are interested in a […]

Nursing Math Practice Test Sample

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Mathematics is important part of knowledge in nursing test. Usually, the math testing target several field: primary addition, subtraction, department, and multiplication of combined as well as inappropriate fractions; function of the exponents,; word problems; geometry problems; decimals and percentages; mountain of line; fixing for factors and rectangle roots; and studying harmonizes from a information. […]